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Diamond Girls Synopsis

Brandi Diggs has just married the love of her life, Marcus Diggs and they are expecting their first child. They have a brand new home, several successful businesses, and all the money they could ever want. There’s just one problem, Marcus, also known as “Hollywood”, is the boss of a major drug organization known as “The Brotherhood”. Brandi tries to convince her husband to give up the street life and to focus on their legitimate businesses. But Hollywood doesn’t listen and on the night that Brandi goes into labor, he is gunned down outside their home.

Five years later Brandi is a single mom, successful entrepreneur, and is active in the community. But she is worried about her girlfriends Portia, Keisha, and Stacey, who are dating Hollywood’s former lieutenants that are now the new bosses of The Brotherhood. Brandi sees so much of herself in her girlfriends and as a result, desires to see them aspire to go higher in their lives. She then sets out to help them see that dating men in the street life is a dead end road that leads to loneliness, heartache, and even jail or death. The girls – Portia, who has a veracious appetite for the finer things in life, Keisha, who is a hopeless romantic, and Stacey, who herself is the daughter of a notorious drug kingpin from the 1980’s and is a respected dealer – all hear what she’s saying but don’t really listen.

But little do they know that a perfect storm is brewing for The Brotherhood. An ongoing federal investigation, a heated street war with a rival drug crew, and a very unlikely member of their organization who has become an informant for the feds, will all have severe consequences for not only the Brotherhood leadership, but also anyone connected to them, including the women who love them.

It’s a race against time as Brandi tries to convince her girlfriends to change their ways and abandon ship before the storm hits. Will she succeed? Find out as you witness this story of love, deception, danger, tragedy, and triumph

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