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Monique Samuels, Star of ‘Real Housewives of Potomac.

Monique and Chris Samuels have officially concluded their divorce proceedings. A representative from the Montgomery County Family court confirmed this on Monday, September 25, to PEOPLE. The couple, who were married for a decade, are parents to three children: 10-year-old son Christopher, 8-year-old daughter Milani, and 4-year-old son Chase.

The specifics of the divorce filing remain sealed. The judgment was approved by a judge after their final trial date earlier this month.

The journey of their divorce has been marked by various twists and turns. The initial trouble in their marriage surfaced when the 39-year-old former ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ star filed for divorce on April 14, as reported by PEOPLE. However, she later filed an amendment to that request within 90 days.

Despite her departure from RHOP, Monique noted that the show played a role in rekindling their relationship. She explained to ET, “We had lost all of the dating in our marriage. Once we started filming reality TV, it actually helped us because it forced us to date. So we were able to get out, just reignite that intimacy and be excited about each other.”

Last year, PEOPLE reported that the Samuels had decided to separate after their ten-year union. However, Monique and Chris contradicted this information in a YouTube video.

During the 69-minute video, Monique clarified, “When you say the word ‘separation,’ that insinuates the road to divorce. Are Chris and I getting a divorce? No, we’re not getting a divorce. Are Chris and I going our separate ways?… Absolutely not. Nobody ever said that. OK?”

She continued, “Have we filed a legal separation? No! Have we filed for divorce? No! Is there any document that proves of any divorce filings? No! Have we separated to the extent of breaking up? No.”

Chris also shared that he had come to understand the importance of addressing past issues and putting them behind him for personal growth during therapy.”

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