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Cardi B Alleges That Her Mansion Is Haunted

Cardi B firmly believes that her mansion in Los Angeles is haunted by a ghost with unsettling intentions.

The “Bongos” rapper shared her eerie theory during an Instagram Live session earlier this week, suggesting that the spirit seems to only make its presence known when her husband and Migos founder, Offset, is not around.

“It starts with this buzzing sound. Seriously, I’ve been trying to locate the darn fly,” she began. “I even asked my driver to fetch one of those fly-swatter things, but I can’t find the fly anywhere… Then I hear this noise in the hallway. It’s like someone’s on the phone.”

The Bronx native went on to explain that she eventually requested one of her security guards to investigate, but by the time they arrived, the noises had ceased.

“All I’m telling you is that there’s a darn ghost or spirit in this house, and what really gets me is that it messes with me,” she continued. “Because when Offset is here, nothing ever happens. But when I’m alone, it always wants to mess with me.”

Cardi pointed out that she has never encountered such phenomena elsewhere: “When I’m in the house in Atlanta or New York, there’s nothing. But this house in L.A. always has this strange atmosphere.”

The “WAP” artist is convinced the ghost has amorous intentions. “I genuinely feel like if I fall asleep, the darn ghost is going to… because, seriously, this thing wants me,” she said, even considering staying in a hotel because she “can’t handle it anymore.”

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